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Pastor Doug  and his wife Nancy have 6 children and 10 grandchildren. Each year on August 3rd Pastor Doug and Nancy celebrate their anniversary which began in 1974. Pastor Doug is now in his 4th year of ministry and came to Grace Community Church from Annville, PA. Oddly enough, Pastor Doug has one of the strangest hobbies you could ever think of, he likes to mow lawns. He does have other interests like reading, being with his children and grandchildren, and of course rooting for the New York Giants, “but working outside gives me a chance to unwind and think about ministry when I am all alone.”

Pastor Doug states, “Being here at GCC has been one of the most fulfilling times of ministry. The way in which God brought our family here is a wonder in itself. I am honored to pastor such a great group of people in which we all are being honed each day by the grace of God in which we are saved. For me, there is no other place I desire to be because it is here that feels like home.”

Pastor Steve Weygand




Dianne has been the Secretary of GCC since March of 2011. She views her position as an exciting, challenging, every changing ministry but so fulfilling and as a wonderful blessing from God. She feels blessed to see God utilize the gifts and talents given to her as she ministers here at Grace Community Church. After working in the secular workforce for many years, she recognizes that nothing can possibly compare to a full time ministry position where God’s Grace is evident on a daily basis.

She grew up in this area, moved away, only to return to such a special place in her heart 14 years later. Kayaking, walking, craft projects, cooking, and baking are just a few activities that she enjoys. Much of her time is devoted to church functions, special friends, and their family functions in which keep her calendar quite busy.


  • Bill Troutman

    Liaison to the Missions Committee

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  • PASTOR Doug Weygand

    Secretary-Liaison to Sunday School

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  • harold paul


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  • glen campbell

    liason to deaconess committee

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  • nolan masser

    vice chair

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  • rick weaver

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  • tom erdman

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  • todd mace


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  • jason bowman

    Vice Chairman

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  • Dale Groff

    Liaison for

    Decorating & MAINTENANCE

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  • chad houser

    Liaison for WTB

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  • scott lenker


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  • Aaron Troutman

    Financial secretary

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